Lunar Lace


Lunar Lace is a captivating band that seamlessly blends elements of rock, pop, and soul into a unique sonic tapestry. Founded by two powerhouse lead singers, Lunar Lace boasts a lineup of incredibly talented musicians, including a drummer, bassist, and guitarist, all of whom are melanin women, bringing a fresh and dynamic energy to their music.

With a sound that is both ethereal and hard-hitting, Lunar Lace has captivated audiences with their emotive lyrics and infectious melodies. Their music transcends genres, evoking a range of emotions from euphoria to introspection.

Having collaborated with renowned music industry veterans such as Jeff Blue and Jacob Bunton, Lunar Lace has honed their craft and refined their sound to perfection. Their collaborations have resulted in a series of records that showcase their exceptional talent and creativity.

With a growing fan base, Lunar Lace is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene. Their unique blend of musical styles make them a band to watch out for in the years to come.